Sunday, 3 July 2016

Update 20 June 2016


UPDATE – 20th June 2016

What is DPL&AC?

When the Vale of Glamorgan Council made the decision no longer to support our library the choice was to lose it altogether or for volunteers to take over its management and day-to-day work. After several public meetings a steering group led by two of our Councillors, Keith Hatton and Chris Franks, was set up.

Where are we now?

·        Planning:

o   Application for Charitable status has been made and is with the Charity Commission

o   Lease of the building and Service Level Agreement with Vale of Glamorgan Council are in the final review stage

o   Draft plans for building extension are with an architect

o   Bank account applied for

o   Grant application to the Rural Development Programme is being made

o   Policies on, Health and Safety, Safeguarding the Vulnerable, Equal opportunities, and Volunteering are in final draft

o   Insurance is being arranged

·        Volunteering:

o   Our professional librarian has trained our initial volunteers and further sessions are in progress

o   OPAC (On line Catalog) training at Barry remains available

o   VoGC have agreed that volunteers can start from now working with the professional librarians in our library

o   Volunteers remain the key to the success of DPL&AC

·        Where next?

o   Our provisional starting date depends on approval of our Charity status and completion of legal agreements with Vale of Glamorgan Council.

o   We need more volunteers

o   We need your views  ON ALL aspects of the project


Keith Hatton, e-mail: or Tel: 077 4982 5751