Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Dinas Powys Library meets with local artist-in-residence

Trustees from the Dinas Powys Library & Activity Centre (DiPLAC) have met with Dinas Powys artist-in-residence Thomas Goddard, to discuss how he can work with the Community Library.
Waterstones Homes have commissioned Thomas Goddard to work with the Dinas Powys community, as their contribution to public art for transforming the former Ardwyn House children’s home into their Chapters residential development. This fulfils a Section 106 agreement between the housing developer and the Vale of Glamorgan Council.
Thomas Goddard is a Cardiff-based artist with a range of skills, including photography, graphic design, filmmaking and performance, that could help community organisations such as the library realise projects over the coming year.
In introducing himself at the library, Thomas said he had 12 years’ experience in arts and education, and was commissioned through Studio/Response to deliver public art in a social-community way rather than as one grand public art statement.
“The nature of the public art, which could cover anything from physical sculptures and building design, to the development of community facilities and events, will be determined through a series of creative activities that will gather the thoughts of local people on how the area can be improved,” says Thomas Goddard on his website (
The DiPLAC Trustees suggested a number of possible projects where the artist’s experience could provide a valuable input, from redesigning the library layout and noticeboards, to producing fundraising cards, website design and a short film. Watch this space!

Left to right: Clare Richardson, Joan Andrews, Keith Hatton, Chris Franks, Thomas Goddard, Jon Cowpe, and Mary-Anne Marsden.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Dinas Powys Library announces logo competition winner

Dinas Powys Library & Activity Centre (DiPLAC) has a new logo, thanks to a competition organised with local schools.

Rianna Mitchell of Dinas Powys Primary School won the first prize and a digitised version of her design is now being used on all the library’s publicity material.

Barbara Daniels, Sue Williams, Keith Hatton and Don Clarey, members of the volunteer-run community library in Dinas Powys, announced the competition last November. They judged the entries and presented the awards at an assembly at the Murch Junior School on 22 March.

“We were very impressed with the standard of entries,” said Mr Hatton, a Trustee of the library. “In decision-making, we had to strictly rely on the guidelines we set about shape, lettering, colours and readability.”

Gabriella Operanta and Dylan Lingham-Gollop, both of Dinas Powys Primary School, won second and third prize, respectively. All the winners were presented with vouchers and certificates.

The digital version of Rianna’s logo was produced by Danny Daniels, a pupil of Stanwell School in Penarth, as part of his Welsh Baccalaureate 'Community Project' with the library.

You can view a display of the winning and highly recommended entries in the DiPLAC lobby.

The new DiPLAC logo.

Trustee Keith Hatton presents Rianna Mitchell with her award.

Trustees Barbara Daniels, Sue Williams, Keith Hatton and Don Clarey in front of entries on display in the DiPLAC foyer.