Thursday, 3 November 2016

The signing of the lease and service level agreement

Chris Franks and Keith Hatton, with other members of the Steering Committee (l-r: Marianne Cowpe, Clare Richardson, Stuart Hockley, Carol Hockley, Joan Andrews and Mary Templing), formally sign the lease and Service Level Agreement with the Vale of Glamorgan Council, to complete the transfer of the Dinas Powys Library over to the "Dinas Powys Library & Activity Centre" Trustees.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Dinas Powys Library & Activity Centre is open!

Keith Hatton writes:

Hello Everyone, at long last I can report great news.

At 4pm today,Tuesday 1st November 2016, Chris Franks and myself formally signed the 99 year Lease Agreement and Service Level Agreement with the Vale of Glamorgan Council to complete the transfer of the Dinas Powys Library over to the "Dinas Powys Library & Activity Centre" Trustees.

Stephen Nottingham adds:
The new community library has launched its website at:

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Community Library opening hours

 Library Opening Hours are Changing


Monday 31st October 2016

·       On Monday 31st October 2016 DPL&AC Volunteers will take over the running of the Library from the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

·       These are trained volunteers from within our community.

·       At the moment we have sufficient volunteers to open as follows-

          Mon – Wed              10-12  &  2-4

         Thurs                         10-12

         Fri                               10-12  &  2-4

         Sat                               10-12     

·       The DPL&AC Trustees aim to extend these opening hours as more volunteers come forward.

·       IF you are interested in volunteering to help us achieve this ambition please call Keith Hatton for more information.



          email –   

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Dinas Powys Community Library becomes a Registered Charity

Last week, the Charity Commission announced: "We are satisfied that DINAS POWYS LIBRARY AND ACTIVITY CENTRE is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1169059."

The Community Library and Activity Centre will operate as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). It's details are no publicly available to view on the Charity Commission website within the next couple of days.

This means that the Community Library and Activity Centre is now an official entity, and it has now been able to open a bank account with the CAF Bank and move forward on other fronts. An official hand-over date should be announced shortly.

The Steering Committee of Dinas Powys Community Library and Activity Centre has stated to the Vale of Glamorgan Council that they wish the Library to be transferred to the DPL&AC  on Monday 31st October 2016.

A rota of volunteers has been drawn up, but more volunteers will be welcome to ensure longer opening hours.

If you would like to volunteer please see previous posts on this blog for an application form and further details.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Update 20 June 2016


UPDATE – 20th June 2016

What is DPL&AC?

When the Vale of Glamorgan Council made the decision no longer to support our library the choice was to lose it altogether or for volunteers to take over its management and day-to-day work. After several public meetings a steering group led by two of our Councillors, Keith Hatton and Chris Franks, was set up.

Where are we now?

·        Planning:

o   Application for Charitable status has been made and is with the Charity Commission

o   Lease of the building and Service Level Agreement with Vale of Glamorgan Council are in the final review stage

o   Draft plans for building extension are with an architect

o   Bank account applied for

o   Grant application to the Rural Development Programme is being made

o   Policies on, Health and Safety, Safeguarding the Vulnerable, Equal opportunities, and Volunteering are in final draft

o   Insurance is being arranged

·        Volunteering:

o   Our professional librarian has trained our initial volunteers and further sessions are in progress

o   OPAC (On line Catalog) training at Barry remains available

o   VoGC have agreed that volunteers can start from now working with the professional librarians in our library

o   Volunteers remain the key to the success of DPL&AC

·        Where next?

o   Our provisional starting date depends on approval of our Charity status and completion of legal agreements with Vale of Glamorgan Council.

o   We need more volunteers

o   We need your views  ON ALL aspects of the project


Keith Hatton, e-mail: or Tel: 077 4982 5751

Friday, 8 April 2016


When the Vale of Glamorgan Council made the decision to no longer fully support our library, the choice was to lose it altogether or for volunteers to take over its management and day-to-day running. After several public meetings a steering group led by two Dinas Powys Councillors, Keith Hatton and Chris Franks, was set up and a lot of preliminary planning has gone on.

  • A Business Plan has been submitted,
  • building needs have been assessed,
  • application for Charitable Incorporated Organisation status made,
  •  a constitution written,
  •  bank account planned,
  •  fund raising methods considered,
  •  lease of the building planned,
  •  and meetings held with staff of the Vale Council and at Barry Library to discuss training programmes and handover to the community.

The Council made their final decision to proceed with community led libraries in February 2016.

What part will the Vale of Glamorgan Council continue to play?

  • Initially some funding will be available for  building work
  • All current book stock will remain and will be renewed as at present
  • IT equipment will remain
  • The library will have a Service Level Agreement with the Council for some special services such as IT maintenance.


for everything else the Community Library will need to rely on volunteers.

The library will need volunteers to:

  • Staff the library as library assistants – there will be training offered and there will be support from a professional librarian. We will need at least two volunteers for each 2 hour session and if each is able to offer time either once a week or even every two weeks that means we will need about 50 volunteers.
  • Fund raise – to pay for utilities, maintenance etc.
  • Raise the profile of the library by publicity
  • Staff and manage a coffee shop on site
  • Contribute with all and any ideas to make our library work.


At present the hand over date is 1st June – but could be delayed if all the above planning has not been completed.


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Volunteer application form

This is the latest version of the application form to volunteer to work in Dinas Powys Community Library. Copy and paste into your word processor.
Completed forms should be sent by email to either  or or can be handed in at the Library for Phil Gauci's attention.
Applicants will be invited to the library for an informal meeting and training sessions.


Dinas Powys Library and Activity Centre

Name: _____________________________________________________________                                       

Date of Birth:__________________________________


Postcode: ________________

Tel no (Day): _________________     (Evening): ____________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________________     

Emergency Contact Name: ____________________________________________

Relationship: __________________________   

Emergency Contact Number: __________________________________________

Please state any allergies: __________________________________________

Please state any health problems: ________________________________________________________________

How did you hear about the volunteer posts?

      Website       Newspaper         Event       Career Paths        Passing by

     College         Job Centre         Poster       Other ________________________

Times when you would be available to volunteer (Please tick when available)





Please list any qualifications and skills you have that you consider appropriate

Please list any work or voluntary experience that you consider appropriate

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Would you be interested in attending accredited and non-accredited training opportunities that relate to your volunteering role?

YES                                 NO

If ‘YES’ are there any specific training needs that you wish to identify? Please specify below:



The nature of the work may bring you into direct contact with vulnerable adults and or children. We require details of two referees and references may be taken up before you will be able to volunteer.
Must be someone who knows you well in a personal capacity.

Referee 1.





How do they know you?

How long have they known you?

Referee 2.





How do they know you?

How long have they known you?



As this role may involve access to vulnerable adults/children, it is exempted from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Those offered a position will be required to undertake an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service before the position is confirmed. The existence of a criminal record does not necessarily prevent work with The Vale of Glamorgan Council.

                                          (Please tick)

I have nothing to declare           £      

I have information to declare     £  (Give details of the offence on a separate sheet marked ‘Confidential’)         


I declare that the information I have given is accurate and true and that any false or misleading information given on this form may lead to the offer of a placement being withdrawn.

I authorise The Vale of Glamorgan Council to make any appropriate checks necessary in relation to the post I am volunteering for.

I agree that personal date obtained by The Vale of Glamorgan Council relating to this application and the data provided on this form may be held and processed by The Vale of Glamorgan Council on computer or in manual records. It may be used by The Vale of Glamorgan Council for any purpose relating to this application. I give permission for the storage and processing of personal information by The Vale of Glamorgan Council.



If you are completing this form electronically, please type your name to indicate signature.

For office use only:

Date form received in office:
Date of initial meeting / interview:

Has a suitable placement been agreed?

YES                                 NO

If ‘NO’ please give reasons why:



Date DBS completed:
Date volunteer placed:
Date induction completed:

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Dinas Powys Community Library & Activities Centre

As you may be aware, it is proposed that Dinas Powys Library will transfer from being run by Vale of Glamorgan Council to being run by the community of Dinas Powys. In this case, the Community Library will operate as a Charity Incorporated Organisation (CIO), overseen by a Steering Group. Our intention is to maintain the library services that are currently provided, to develop new services, and to facilitate a wider range of community activities.

Hence we are actively seeking volunteers who can help us with our endeavour.

If there is a service or activity you would like to see at the Community Library, which is not already provided for please let us know your ideas.

Suggestions so far have included:
Coffee Shop
Book Clubs
Film Shows
Local Art & Craft Exhibitions and Sales
A Swap Shop
Mindfulness Classes
Carers' Support Groups
Contact for enquiries about volunteering or ideas for the Community Library:

or in envelope for Phil Gauci's attention at the library:

Dinas Powys Library, Fairoaks, The Murch, Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan CF64 4QU